Tuesday, April 29, 2014

 April 28th

Buenos dias todos y todas,

This week has flown by and has been a good one. my companion has helped me see the things I can do to become a better disciple of Christ.

Our mission president sent us a new card explaining how to leave a blessing in an investigators home. We have truly felt the spirit during these blessings. People are in tears because they say that they have never felt that way and want to feel it again. It's really neat. Mothers day is coming soon!! Yay! 

I want to share this scripture with everyone because it has really helped me learn how to put my trust in the Lord. Things become easier when I do. 

"But behold, he did deliver them because they did humble themselves before him; and because they cried mightily unto him he did deliver them out of bondage; and thus doth the Lord work with his power in all cases among the children of men, extending the arm of mercy towards them that put their trust in him." Mosiah 29:20

okay. on page 98 of PME in spanish it says this...

"Debemos orar para saber como podemos ayudar a los demas y QUE ESTEMOS DISPUESTOS A SACRIFICARNOS POR ELLOS. my favorite part was the part i put in caps. duh. anyways. well i love it. we too often pray for things but arent willling to do His will. i love that. praying fr the strength to do His will when we know it.

oh and my new fav scripture is in 2 nefi 32:9. 8 too but mostly 9 haha. i love it!

Peace and blessings! I hope everyone has an awesome week!


Hermana Cardona

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21


Good afternoon everyone. I hope everyone had a really good Easter weekend!! It was really intersting here this weekend for us because of Semana Santa. The streets were empty. Desolate. Everyone went to el D.F. and nobody wanted to talk to us because of the vacation. It was really hard, but we met some really nice familes and we're going to visit them this week.

A scripture that i read this week. and fell in love with it. proverbs 3:5,6

5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Clean Apt. Award!

We had interviews with president. omg that man is called by God. seriously. after talkign to him i felt so inspired and just full of the spirit. He always has the right words to say. cambiuos are next tuesday. yikes. i hope i stay here. i have grown so close to the members. oh! and i spoke during sacrmaent this past sunday. i was last and they left me like 20 mins haha it was terrible. but i talked reallllyyyyy slowwwww haha so i took up just enough time. and other converts spoke too. it was so neat seeing them speak. i loved it.

One thing I feel prompted to share with everyone is something that a recent convert told us. That after she was baptized... no one visited her. Ever. Not once. She felt really lonely and that she didn't matter anymore because she was already baptized and on to the next. It made me really sad to hear this, because we talk about it every Sunday. Love, charity, humility, that we are ALL brothers and sisters. She is such a strong convert and has a solid testimony. She's a big example to me because despite of her experience with the church, she knows that the gospel is true. I hope that we can all lend a hand to our neighbor, co.-worker or person that sits alone at church. It shouldn't be like that. Gordon B. Hinckley nailed it when he said "Every convert needs a friend, a responsibility, and nurturing with the good word of God.” But we all need that. I've noticed here that most people are going through some pretty rough patches and they just need someone to ask them if they're okay or what we can help with. OR like Jeffrey R. Holland says, that listening is more important than what we say. (I'm paraphrasing). We got a lot of work to become more like Christ. I know I sure do!! I hope everyone has a super chido week.


Hermana Cardona

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14th

Buenas Tardes!

This week has been so exciting. My companion and I have learned how to listen to the spirit. Things are so much "easier" when we let the spirit be in charge and just follow it. We have met so many wonderful families beause we followed the promptings of the spirit. 

Well this week has been good. there are so many investigators. but i found an investigator from the USA! hes 19 and he speaks english and wants me to teach him english. hes a really good person but says that he hasnt found a purpose in life yet. so we´re (HF) to help. Its really neat beacuse he wants to be a better person and he knows that HF is the only way. how do some people just know? its way tight. and anthoer lady that is a saint! and she is getting baptized next month. and we have a baptism the 26! yeee hoo! It makes me so happy when investigators come tochurch, read or pray. it is so awesome. well the culture here is that the people that have the least money give the most food and gifts. its super neat. i dont get it. and the people that have more dont give us any. its funny how we have to have little to be humble and be willing to give the best to others. anywaz. im good. this lady gave us a bowl of fire. hurt me bad. oh and i loveeeee our zone. we have the funniset elders and hermanas. theyre way tight. and super humble. I never feel alone. I feel HFs love all the time. Even when we have a super chafa day. chafa means sucky. the elders use it haha. the mish is way cool. im glad im here. transfers in one week. nooooo. i dont want to leave this area. i loooove it. i love the people here especialy the sisters. theyre like moms for me. everyone says that we have to invite them to our weddings and come back to mexico. yadee yada haha.

I love this scripture because at the end it says... "well if you know these things. then just do it. duh." easier said than done. i know. but being here and telling people that we´re representatives of Christ.. their eyes light up. so if i know these things... then I better just do it. all the time. 

Mosiah 4:10 And again, believe that ye must repent of your sins and forsake them, and humble yourselves before God; and ask in sincerity of heart that he would forgive you; and now, if you believe all these things see that ye do them.

I really enjoyed conference. Elder Adukaist said that we should be willing to do God's will when we find it. That was really powerful to me because I have thought of how often I want something so bad or dont. And I didnt even stop to think of what HF wants. lame. and when i find God's will, will I be brave and faithful enough to do it? I liked his talk. 

Something else I remembered is what Eder Corbridge said which was.... "We are more than human, we are children of God." wow that was really powerful because not everyone knows that. And everyone should because when we know that. We feel His love. I just see alot of people here that have really bad family situations and lose hope well... in life. Thats super sad. I dont know if HF gets sad, or stressed (if he does i can imgaine He has high blood presssure) but I get sad hearing that from people and I know that with God everything is possible, like it says in Luke. And that Christ received the most opposition. He´s such an example to me because I feel like He´s by my side tellin me, "I kow, it´s hard, but your one of His children and if I can do it. I know you can too." One thing I remember from the MTC is an elder telling us to CHOOSE to be happy. It´s not a state we just fall into. We choose it. I love that. I dont know whats going on with me haha, but i feel that i have the capactiy to love like never before. It´s HF. Strange but very wonderful and the same time. 

During our district meetings we always practice how to share the gospel with someone based on their needs. Im not shy but sharing the gospel all the time can be a little intimidating, but our mission president has made it a goal to talk to everyone because we are all God's children and we all need the gospel. I love our mission president. He is truly a man called by God.I hope everyone has a muy buena semana. Thank you again for your comenatrios. They help me lots.


Hermana Cardona

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31


This week has been way good. We know the area a little better. Not a whole lot. I only got sick for one day. Most of the investigators that we teach are very very busy. People cant come to church because they work everyday of the week and all day. The people here are extremely humble. my companion and I walk ALL day. Our area covers a lot. Yesterday we taugh an investigator that is married to a member. But she isn't. She said that the biggest reason for her not wanting to get baptized is because it will change her life a lot and that she sees some members do the things that are contrary to what the gospel teaches. Okay, a few of things: 1. my companion and I were able to bear our testimony that we know it will be a HUGE change, both of us being converts and all, but it is a positive change 2. The church is made up of imperfect people slowly trying to acquire all the attributes of Christ 3. How important it is to bear our testimony. we had taught her for about 30 minutes before she told us how she really felt and when we bore our testimonies, she finally understood. The spirit had truly touched her. It was amazing. Slowly Im realizing that our experiences can change peoples lives. Findnig a way to connect to the gospel to people and their needs isnt easy, but its not me or my companion that does it. It's the spirit. I can literally feel when the spirit is there or not there. Since I am here praying, reading scriptures, learning more about Heavenly Father ALL the time. I have become extremely sensitive to the spirit. I feel so happy when thespirit it there, which is such a simple thing. 

I have a story. So my comp and i were traveling to another part of our area to go visit someone. on a combi. Half bus, part taxi. The guy driving was super ticked. I dont know why. and people usually dont pay their little kids. So she payed for herself and didnt pay for her little girl. and booked it off the combi. El seƱor se enojo y estaba gritando y diciendo naughty words. Y yo me asuste mucho. Y pense. Estoy loca? por que me asusto? en serio estaba bien asustada. luego tuve el sentimiento de que estaba asustada por que no sentia el espiritu. en ese momento yo senti que el espiritu dijo, "PEACE" y se fue. that was really weird for me because I dont think ive ever felt that so strongly. And i thought. why wasnt i so sensitive to the spirit before? i like this scripture a lot because i feel likie the spirit needs somewhere to live (us) and if we dont have the right mindset or heart or surrounding, (standing in holy places) then it wont be there. 

19 "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, whicye have of God, and ye are not your own?"

its so wishy washy here. sometimes i fell like i want to go home. but then other times i dont want to. this is hard. i love being here like 98 percent of the time but then i get to missin home. i think i miss the luxuries of the states too. its way different here. you have to depend on people a lot. But that makes me think. i have to depend on HF every singly day. so its okay. thats why were here, to help eachother out in this life. i feel like HF does a "yes!" and jumps up when he sees us doing the right thing. I feel like im learning way too much at once haha will i remember it all when i go home haha. oh and these 2 weeks have flown by.way fast. i thoguht about. as soon as it becomes this september i only have a year. what the heck??? oh and i guess we can extend our mish. didnt know that. 

"Service and love open the heart so the spirit can be felt" -Elder Nilson

Que tengan una buena semana! Y gracias por sus comentarios. (spanish)

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Cardona