Thursday, February 5, 2015

Feb. 2nd

Sooo our investigator that got baptized! The girl. She went to church this week with a skirt! =) and she loooves it. Our other investogatpr that gets baptized the 14th had a dream, of him being baptized!! he was like. i know i have to. what the! He explained what everything was like. el nos explico la pila bautismal exacta de como es y el NUNCA la ha visto!

Okay. so this week when we went with our conversa.. Belen. the one with the skirt on (like there aren't a lot of people with skirts on ha) Anyways, she hadn't been confirmed yet porque conferencia... but we went like 3 days after her baptism y ella dijo "hermanas.. me siento bien. siento que tengo un compromiso con Dios. como ya... tengo que hacer las cosas muy bien. siento que tengo mucha responsabilidad." We almost cried. It was the SWEETEST thing i have ever heard.