Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug 3rd

I have cambios.. I´m so sad!!! I am really sad that Im going. I love the people here so much. How can you love people so quickly? I don´t get it. Love doesn´t make sense. Our converso armando, the guy that makes burgers that just got baptized. We´re teaching his 3 kids. They live en el DF but they´re now listening to us and are gonna come every weekend to church. They came this week and they loved it! I´m sooo happy. I seriously picture all these people at the temple. His sons going on missions. They´re getting baptized on the 22nd of Agosto. I love it here. I feel good. Wherever I go I´m going to pump it up!!!! it would be sweet to train. I loooove how the gospel literally changes our WHOLE LIVES.

My week was great. Everyone has been on vacation and its been really hard with lessons and finding people to teach. But we gettin there. 
We had a such a sweet noche de hogar con una familia biennnn buena ayer.

Well I´m reading the BoM again. Tapa a tapa. Challenge pres gave us. And man I´m in Mosiah and it is soooo interesting! All about how los pueblos eran inicuos y luego eran buenas...and its so intersting to see how their decisions had eternal consequences. Nuts! It makes me want to be a lot more careful with my decisions. I know HF takes care of us and loves us. I´m sooo happy to have the knowledge and testimony that I have now. I realize how much I didn´t understand about the gospel. Whooo! So glad I learned a little more. But I still have a looooot to learn.

I read a scripture that I feel is one of my favs now:

Mosiah 7:33  
Mas si os tornáis al Señor con íntegro propósito de corazón, y ponéis vuestra confianza en él, y le servís con toda la diligencia del alma, si hacéis esto, él, de acuerdo con su propia voluntad y deseo, os librará del cautiverio.

I know that the atonement is REAL. I feel it sooo much in my heart. I´m so happy that the savior is willing to take all my pains, sadness, worries, and sins. Sometimes I can´t believe it. But when we truly repent. He does not remember it anymore.   I´m so grateful to be a member of His church. My life without the gospel... I couldn´t imagine where I would be right now. Not as happy as i am now I know. Living the gosIpel brings happiness. I know it and feel it. 

Hermana Cardona