Friday, July 11, 2014

July 7th

This week has been pretty great, like normal. My Spanish is getting better and I am getting better at teaching in Spanish. I love everything, I love learning and teaching and finding. It is all great my companion is amazing. Missionary life like always is great but hard in every aspect of it. Working with investigators is so cool, I love being able to see the change that the gospel makes in peoples lives. It truly is a miracle, and I personally get to see other miracles in my life all the time as I can see myself growing and learning every single day. I love learning more about Jesus Christ and the more I learn the more I find out I don't know and need to learn more. It is truly amazing and I am grateful for the opportunity to devote my life to my Heavenly Father for the next 14 months. Things are wonderfully hard.

Con Amor

Hermana C

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