Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25

Im in Mexico!

I dont have much time and there will probably be spelling errors because I am typing really fast and the keyboardes here are slighty very very different. I have been here for 6 days. My companion and I are both new to this area.we have had like 2 lessons this whpole week. we cant find ANYONE. there are few street names and een fewer house numbers. most people dont have a house or cell phone.we have been lost about 90 percent of the time and I have never walked so much in my life.our are is HUGE. up and down huge hills. im hungry all the time. here we only eat breakfast and lunch. we dont have time for dinner. i guess we're not very good planners. this is hard. way hgard. i never thought a mission would be like this. yea some areas, countries or cities might be easier. but this is hard. we walk all day and dont find anyone. i haven't cried out of frustration. YET. just about. but besides all of that. i want to be here. i love it. one of the elders in our zone shared this scripture with me after i told him. 

Mosiah 23
 21 Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to achasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith.

 22 Nevertheless—whosoever putteth his atrust in him the same shall be blifted up at the last day. Yea, and thus it was with this people.

Then I thought. holy smokes. i suck. he's right. this will all be for my benefit. how? who knows. but i know that heavenly father has a purpose in everything he does. and more than anything. people need us. people need missionaries. they need to hear the gospel from imperfect missionaries to know that they can one day be with God again and be perfect if we really strive to do that in this life. that scripture gave me a gentle slap in the face. i needed it. because if you notice how much i comalined up above. im here oin a mission. never will i do this again. (unless i get really old and never marry and go on a mission for a 2nd time. lets pray that wont happen.) I know that this work is real. i know he needs us. but not only us. but he needs the members.
i know it will get better. i seriously didnt think a mission would be this hard. i feel dumb saying that. but i didnt. i knew it wouldnt be glamorous. but sheesh (wipes sweat off brow) its toughers. i have so much more respect for people that serve missions. seriously. 8000 missionarioes in the world. how many people are in the world? think sbout it. krazie. yea granted there were a lot before too. Despite all of that and many other things. I am glad to be here. I know that the people here need to hear the gospel. its quite intimidating going up to people to talk to them about the gospel. most people here have signs on their outside window that say..."this is a catholic houser and we do not accept propoganda from other religions." yikes. its a little scary the looks we get when we knock on those doors. but our leaders here say that we need to talk to everyone. the taxi driver, people on the bus, people in the store and even the rocks. open your mouth and share the gospel our mission president says. we have one investigator right now and shes really solid. you can see it in her eyes that shes been looking for something more meaningful in this life and she wants to have a relationship with heavenly father and christ. i think she thought we were poor and ugly cuz she asked that if we ever need clothes. that she will buy us some. HA . thanks i think? So there was a devotional we got to watch and it was about the attributes of Christ and i thought. wow. I wish i was super nice, caring, charitble and faithful like Christ was. duh. well i wish i played on the US pro soccer team. but like everything. it takes patience and practice. im going to have to practice being Christlike. so that was something cool to think about. it's been pretty exciting here so far. they tell us that we need to try a taco of ant eggs or frog legs. call me crazy. but ill pass. I hope everyone takes time out of their day to do something kind for someone you love, and for someone you dont love! Oooo.


Hermana Cardona

My address for packages or letters. if anyone wants to... 

Hermana Lorena Cardona
Boulevard Miguel Hidalgo s/n
Colonias Villas de Pachuca
C.P. 42083, Pachuca, Hidalgo

PS. US mail only. No fedex, ups, dhl, etc. 


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